Courses intended for considerably advanced English users which will broaden your horizons with topics collated specifically for those who have become proficient in the language

Assumed previous language experience: approximately at the Upper Intermediate Courses Level
Grammar point coverage:

  • Conditional sentences, unreal conditions introduced by various conjunctions
  • Wish-clauses
  • An overall overview of verbal tenses and their usage
  • Passive voice
  • The use of gerunds and infinitives
  • Indirect speech, verbs introducing an indirect speech - expansion
  • Emphasis using varied word classes
  • Inversion
  • Question tags
  • Transgressives
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Subordinate clauses
  • Coordinate and subordinate complex sentences
  • Modal verbs - expansion
  • Conjunctions
  • Articles
  • Adjectival comparison
  • Indirect speech
  • Usage: like, as
  • Usage: it, there
  • Usage: the verb get and its senses