Lessons convenient for Pre-elementary Course participants and “chronic” beginners. Classroom textbooks for adult beginners, which we make use of, assume that the student has already been acquainted with the rudiments of English in the past. Courses of this level of competence enlarge your vocabulary, and the notion of English grammatical paradigm through the employment of interesting and present-day subjects.

Assumed previous language experience: minimum
Grammar point coverage:

  • Questions and short answers made with the verbs "to have" and "to have got"
  • Positive and negative forms of the present simple
  • Questions made using the words "Where / when / why / how / what / who"
  • Questions with Present simple
  • Positive and negative forms of the modal "can"
  • Positive and negative forms of the past simple, regular and irregular verbs
  • The past simple form of the verb "to be", expressions of time, Questions with past simple
  • Positive, negatives and questions with "going to"
  • First conditional
  • Temporal sentences (when)
  • Polite request "can / can't"
  • Expression of number "a / some / any / much / many / a lot"
  • Expressing obligation "have to" + negative form, infinitive for purpose, invitation, apologies
  • Comparison of adjectives
  • Verbs endind in "-ing" a introduced by "to"
  • Present perfect