Who are we?

Our single objective language education, and we have devoted all possible energy to teaching on that account since as early as 1989. We owe the long-standing success in first place to our own unconventional method of increased-speed foreign language learning. The most impressive results are achieved by the participants of English boarding courses that we organize in the institute of increased-speed learning in Ptýrov.

Forming one of the first private companies in the field of extracurricular tutelage in the Czech Republic, in November of 1989, we had already established the P&A Consultants company, which we later transformed into a legal entity and named Hampson CS Ltd. in honour of Ms Dorothy Hampson from Canada, who had been employed with us as a lecturer and counsellor between 1991 and 1993.

Our exclusive job description is education. Apart from specialising in very intensive teaching of the foreign languages of English, German and Czech for foreigners, we provide lessons in the psychology of business negotiation, time-organization systems, accounting and computer skills. The foreign language courses currently available on offer have not been tailored exclusively for adults, but also for children of all age categories. We are one of the earliest education centres to introduce pre-school children language teaching among the range of its services.

Since the very beginning we have been continually developing our Hampson’s increased-speed foreign language learning method. This form of instruction is founded namely on the creative and active improvement of practical knowledge, for this reason we make a point of tutoring in small groups with a flexible approach to every individual student and application of suggestive approach and relaxation techniques.

It goes without saying that we do not seek to stress the mistakes but, on the contrary, we search and derive a genuine pleasure from every student’s success. The method’s efficiency is amplified by the use of modern technical facilities, and pleasant and unconventional furnishings. The correct course of our path has been most conspicuously justified by the results attained on the intensive courses. The breadth of your vocabulary can improve by approximately 1,000 words in seven days.

We are based in the town centre of Mladá Boleslav; the location houses the main office, specially equiped classrooms for very intensive adult education, all age cathegory children’s classrooms, the Relaxation Room furnished with audio-visual stimulation equipment.

Situated in a small village near Mladá Boleslav, we operate from a farm that has been rebuilt to serve the needs of the Hampson increased-speed learning. Principally, very intensive week-long boarding English and German courses are held here.