What Hampson high-speed learning method is?

Hampson High-Speed Learning Method constitutes an effective way how to learn a foreign language quickly. Taking account of your particular needs, we make a continuous effort to design a programme of study that that is not only intensive and stimulating, but also agreeable both with the students and teachers.

We have been developing and gradually improving this medium of instruction since 1990. The point of departure consists in humanist psychology, which is respectful of an individual. Putting our trust in each individual’s limitless inner resources, we are convinced, and our previous experience with teaching proves it, that in a short time everyone is capable of learning to communicate in a foreign language, if sufficiently motivated to take this step.

It is no secret that this modern method considerably widens the consciously used part of our mental potential, thus being characteristic of significant progress achievements in the capacity to master language fundamentals in a short time.

It might be surprising that language education with us is received without stress, in a state of complete mental and physical relaxation. Owing to this, there is a substantial advancement in terms of the faculties for learning a foreign language even with students who were less successful with common methods of teaching. Participation in our lessons even brings about positive side effects on the students: acquiring skill in relaxation, the amelioration of the overall mental condition of your organism, the enhancement of bonds to your neighbourhood.

Envisage that you listen to a teacher who is reading aloud a foreign-language text into the sounds of soothing music. While remaining under impression that you are barely resting, the unconscious is carefully storing up the word collocations for a further use.

Comparable to your predecessors you are going to be gratifyingly surprised at the dynamic phase of Hampson High-Speed Learning Method: truly mind- and body-animating experience. By loud verbal repetition, word collocations are imprinted into your memory.

Nevertheless, the syllabus is not short of indispensable grammar explanation and usual exercise practice. You will have much fun completing communication assignments, and playing games.

The favourable outcome and effectiveness of the method is also conditioned by the use of physical and psychic relaxation. Hampson High-Speed Learning Method includes a specific approach to the motivation of students, and work with their life targets.

After years’ worth of receiving school education, learning more often ‘facts about’ a foreign language than the language itself, you might find our ways all too uncommon. Decisive for us, however, are the results of thousands of our course participants. This particular success of theirs entitles us to guarantee even you very swift and lasting progress in acquiring efficient communicative skills in a foreign language.

This mode of education is in all respects consonant with the inherent philosophy of the Institute of Hampson High-Speed Learning, i.e. to contribute to emotional and spiritual development of company’s clients and employees. We are convinced that mental and spiritual sides enhance in concord with personal freedom and positive links to the outside world.