Where are we heading?

The principal starting points and objectives for the Institute of Hampson High-Speed Learning are set by the conception of the company:

Basic Philosophy of the Firm

  • The mission of the Institute of Hampson High-Speed Learning is to contribute to educational, emotional and spiritual development of company’s clients and employees through the means of an individual and unique approach to teaching.
  • We are convinced that emotional and spiritual development is accompanied by the growth of individual freedom and positive relations to the outer world.
  • Through its activities the company provides material sources and fosters warm social environment for its employees and partners.
  • The fundamental values include friendliness, non-violence, honesty and independence.
  • We are identified with humanist psychology, namely a notion that every person has his inner resources necessary to overcome any situation in life.

Basic Principles

  • Friendship and humanity.
  • Simplicity and Intelligibility.
  • Unconventionality and originality.
  • Independence and mutual responsibility.
  • Activity.
  • Willingness to take a risk.
  • Teamwork.

Legal status

  • The accomplishment of our mission is guaranteed in particular through the mediation of a limited liability company, the Hampson CS Ltd. The company was established in 1992 as a legal successor of P+A Consultants, which was founded in 1989. It holds its current name in honour of Ms Dorothy Hampson from Canada, who was employed with the company as a first native speaker, and was one of the first foreign lecturers in former Czechoslovakia.
  • Computer education is provided by the associate company, Počítačová škola Hampson s.r.o.
  • Support in the field of alternative language education for children is provided with the assistance of the Hampson4Kids association.
  • Additionally, Hampson CS Ltd may act in non-profitable legal entities.


  • The main office is located at 601 třída Václava Klementa, Mladá Boleslav. We have furnished these interiors so that the decoration would unconditionally enhance our method of teaching. At this address we make use of nine specially equipped classrooms and the Computer Laboratory.
  • The Institute of Hampson High-Speed in Ptýrov is a farmhouse dating from the 15th century, which have been rebuilt to serve the designs of very intensive boarding courses. In every respect, the premises offer all facilities for Hampson High-Speed Learning Method, including weak-long accommodation for eleven students and their lecturers.

Description of Activities

  • Very intensive boarding school tuition in English and German at the Institute of Hampson High-Speed Learning in Ptýrov.
  • Language tuition for adults attending courses in Mladá Boleslav centres especially on English, German and Czech for foreigners. Lessons for adults take the forms of boarding school courses, afternoon and weekend courses for public in the groups of eight students maximum, and individual courses for one to four participants.
  • Classes in English for children as 4 years old and all further age categories.
  • Courses in time management and healthy lifestyle.
  • Advisory services in the field of education.
  • Production and sale of teaching aids.
  • Activities that are in agreement with the philosophy of the company.


  • The know-how of the company incorporates specifically the teaching methods, information and management systems, including self-produced computer software, and teaching aids.
  • Hampson High-Speed Learning Method has its roots in Dr Losanov’s sugestopedia. However, in absolute harmony with humanistic, pro-individual psychology, it is suited to exact present-day conditions.
  • Part of the teaching methods consists in an original approach to the motivation of students and dealing with their life aims, as well as commonly utilized means of physical and mental relaxation.
  • The method is propagated through the media of lectures, printed materials and other publications.
  • The know-how of the company is in constant development.
  • The company is mindful of the protection of its know-how, viz. through legal actions, information policies and organized work.

Economics and Finance

  • The fundamental economics principle is achieving maximum economies while at the same time maintaining all conditions for reaching the business targets.
  • The business intentions do not seek to maximalize the profit. Ideal conditions constitute an equilibrium resulting neither in loss nor profit.
  • Special attention is paid to price calculations, which reflect actual expenses and adequate profits.

Public Relations

  • The market area and acquisition activities are delt with in market studies.
  • The firm devotes lenghty deliberation to efficient promotion with consideration to the viewpoint of economy.
  • In order to find solutions to complex assignments, the company makes contact and seeks cooperation with qualified spelicialists.
  • The company establishes correct relations with the competition.