Employment with us

Hampson CS Ltd., a private language school in Mlada Boleslav, is periodically looking for conversation teachers of English - native speakers.

Our single objective is language education, and we have devoted all possible energy to teaching on that account since as early as 1989. We owe the long-standing success in first place to our own unconventional method of accelerated foreign language learning. The most impressive results are achieved by the participants of English boarding courses that we organize in the Institute of accelerated learning in Ptyrov village.

Hampson Accelerated Learning Method constitutes an effective way how to learn a foreign language quickly. We have been developing and gradually improving this medium of instruction since 1990. The point of departure consists in humanist psychology, which is respectful of an individual. Putting our trust in each individual’s limitless inner resources, we are convinced, and our previous experience with teaching proves it, that in a short time everyone is capable of learning to communicate in a foreign language, if sufficiently motivated to take this step.

Our school is based in the town centre of Mlada Boleslav; the location houses the main office, nine specially equipped classrooms for very intensive adult education, all age category children’s classrooms, the Relaxation Room furnished with audio-visual stimulation equipment. As native speakers you would be assisting classes in turn with Czech teachers and independently teaching conversation to small groups and “one to one” courses in Hampson school in the centre of Mlada Boleslav.

Our students range in age from 4 to 65 years and come from all walks of life. Class size is limited to 8 students. All classes have British texts which form the backbone of the course. You have the freedom to implement games or discussions however you see fit to make the lesson interesting for you and your students. We hardly ever teach at our client’s offices. We try to convince them to come and study at our school as our teachers have all necessary facilities there and students can concentrate on studying English more efficiently than at their company offices.

Situated in a small village near Mlada Boleslav, we operate a farm that has been rebuilt to serve the needs of the Hampson accelerated learning. Native speakers are teaching a week intensive or three-day intensive courses (once or twice a month) at our Learning Farm. Courses at the farm require students and teachers to live and learn together for seven days of English, English, English - including songs, games and projects.

Mlada Boleslav is located 50 km northeast of Prague (the country's capital) in the Czech Republic. The main industry in Mlada Boleslav is the Skoda factory which produces cars jointly with Volkswagen. Its population is about 50,000. The city is rather quiet, but Prague, Czech Paradise (hiking and climbing area) and mountains are within an easy reach.

Hampson School are supplying native speakers with a fully furnished shared flat located 5 minutes on foot from Hampson school.

We always assist native speakers with all paper work necessary to obtain a residency. EU citizens do not need any work permit. The day of signing the contract is the day when you start to be fully covered with health and social insurance.

Please don't hesitate to ask as for more information and current job openings: jobs@hampson.cz.