Courses aimed at students who have already mastered the basics of the language and its gramatical system, and who seek to revive and expand on their knowledge. Pre-Intermediate Level Courses focus on active English from a genuinely practical perspective. The incorporated topics develop and improve communicative skills.

Assumed previous language experience: approximately at the Elementary Courses Level
Grammar point coverage:

  • Questions made with the verbs "to be" and "to have got" in present simple
  • Present simple and present continuous
  • Past simple and continuous
  • Modal verbs "should / must / can"
  • Present continuous and "will"for future rerefence
  • Expression of quantity "a / some / any / a few / a little/ a lot / much / many"
  • Present perfect
  • Adverbs of time "just / ever / never / yet"
  • Verbs endind in "-ing" a introduced by "to"
  • Expressing opinion "will / won't / might / may"
  • Questions, obligation, number, tense forms
  • Comparison ""
  • Unreal condition: Second conditional
  • Relative clauses "who / which / that / where"
  • Adjectival word order
  • Finished past habit and states "used to"
  • Expression of quatity: "some- / any- / no- / every- / too / very / too much /too many"
  • Passive forms of present and past tenses.
  • Unfinished past: Present perfect and continuous, prepositions "for" and "since"
  • Word order, the sequence of tenses
  • Conditional conjunctions "if" and "unless"
  • Temporal conjunctions "when" a "as soon"
  • Word order: ditransitive verbs