The courses at this level suit the needs of the student who can already communicate in the language. It allows space for you to build up your vocabulary while providing up-to-date gripping conversational topics and, moreover, exercising communicative skills.

Assumed previous language experience: approximately at the Pre-Intermediate Courses Level
Grammar point coverage:

  • Expression of agreement: "so do I / neither do I"
  • Expression of agreement, indirect question, Questions with present simple
  • Present simple and continuous
  • Past simple, repeated action in the past, temporal conjunctions, suggestions and opinions, agreement and disagreement
  • Present perfect, time expressions, question tags
  • Predictions a decisions: "will / going to", verbs and prepositions
  • Sentences of purpose
  • Possessive "´s"
  • Prepositions of time, comparison
  • Otevřená podmínka
  • Passive voice for the future
  • requests, agreement and offers, refusals, apologies
  • Sentences expressing a wish with the present reference
  • Present perfect
  • Conjuctions: "since" a "for"
  • Obligations, ban, permission
  • Quantity
  • The sequence of tenses
  • Verbs endind in "-ing" a introduced by "to"
  • Past perfect and continunous
  • Passive voice